Arrive 15 minutes early
Do not take any chances that you might be late and don’t arrive too early.   If necessary you can arrive even 30 minutes before but it is best to wait in your car or take a brief walk around the facility if possible.  Try not to announce your arrival to the interview until 15 minutes before-hand.  You don’t want your interviewer to feel rushed or caught off guard by you arriving too early.

Treat everyone you encounter with professionalism and kindness
From the secretary to the boss, everyone’s opinions of you count.  Don’t take any chances.

Warmly shake hands, smile, and make eye contact during greetings

Maintain a professional image throughout the interview
Even if the interview takes a casual turn, do not drop your guard.  Maintain all your manners and professionalism. Never address the interviewer by his or her first name unless you are invited to do so.

Don’t chew gum or smell of smoke

Don’t ever interrupt the interviewer 
Await your turn to ask or answer questions.  There is such a thing as over-enthusiastic.

Prevent distractions
Ensure that your cell phone is turned off completely before you walk into the building.

Be aware of yourself
Sit up straight, smile as much as you can, try to maintain eye contact and sit still.  Don’t fidget our slouch.

Don’t be pushy or egotistic
It is great to be confident and energetic but not aggressive.  If you find yourself trying too hard to sell yourself, regroup and try to be confident and calm.

Don’t make negative comments about previous employers or coworkers
It is probable that one day your interviewer could be your “former” employer.  Who would feel comfortable hiring someone who in the future would likely bash their organization with negative comments?

Think before you answer
Listen to the questions carefully, and ask for clarification if necessary.  It is also OK to take a few moments to gather your thoughts before answering.  Be to-the-point and honest with all of your answers.

When the interview is over, be sure to offer a firm handshake and a kind farewell.

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