Learn all that you can about the organization

This will help you formulate intelligent and appropriate questions and/or answers during your interview.

Be Informed
Employers expect that you will arrive knowing the background information about the company and the position you are interviewing for.  Be sure to have a list of 2-3 questions to ask the interviewer and try to prepare yourself with answers to commonly asked questions.

Dress for Success
Dressing nicely and appropriately is a compliment to the person you meet.  Be sure your hair and nails are trimmed and clean.  Your clothes should be simple and professional.  A two piece suit is always the best choice for both men and women.  Try to stick to basic colors such as navy, gray or black.   If you are in doubt of your chosen attire, remember it is always safe to dress better than you might need to.

Be Ready
Bring copies of your resume and credentials, a reference list, legal pad for taking notes, and a pen. A lleather binder is the best method to neatly carry these with you.

Plan Your Route

Do you know how to get to the interview location and where to park? Be conserviative when estimating how long it will take you. Factor in the time of day, possible construction, and weather conditions. If driving, make sure your car has gas. Print out the address and phone number to take with you.


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