Do you know what the first thing is that a hiring manager or recruiter sees when you apply to their job posting? It isn’t your resume, your LinkedIn picture, or even your name. It is your email address. What does it say about you?

Our company is fortunate to have the opportunity to recruit for positions that range from entry-level to executive and doctoral. Across this entire range of candidates, our Staffing Managers frequently see email addresses that are unbecoming of the impression that we hope the candidate is trying to send.

I changed the exact addresses to protect the names involved, but some of our favorites (yes, we talk about them) include bigmomma9988@…, karatekchopmonkee4488@…., beautykween751@… and anything that includes a sexual innuendo or 420 (come on, really??).

In case you don’t know, email addresses are free, and you can have multiple. Most providers even let you check all of your email addresses with one login. Based on this, there is no excuse to use anything but a professional email address on your resume/CV and with all of your applications.

What is considered professional? Simple: your first name, last name, initials, and possibly some numbers, underscores, or dashes in case someone else already took the address you want. I have read that forward-thinking companies will question whether someone with an aol or Hotmail address is up-to-date technologically. Gmail seems to be widely respected, and is very easy to set up and use.

With so many details that recruiters and hiring managers look for when doing their initial screening, you want to limit the factors that could immediately exclude you from the job you want. Your email address is a great start. Check out the resource center at for for other helpful tips to use in your job search.