We talked to our recruiters- the ones who post ads, review applications, search resumes, screen candidates, and complete the on-boarding process for their new hires. Find out what they have to say:

1. Create a clear and easy to read resume with accomplishments for each job posted under the job title: The recruiter wants to know how recently those skills and accomplishments have been used.

2. Clearly state your applicable credentials in your title i.e. John Smith RN, BSN.

3. Ensure that your resume is in a format that is easily opened by multiple operating systems (old and new Windows, Mac). Simple formatting tends to read the easiest.

4. Make sure that your title and department is clear for each previous position.

5. Check your work for spelling and grammatical errors, have someone else check your work, and then check it again. Once that is done have one more person check it!

6. When texting and emailing from your smartphone, proper grammer rules still apply. “ill c u @ 10” is not a proper way to confirm your 10am interview. “Yes- I will be there at 10am. Thank you. -sent from my iPhone” is acceptable

7. If you do not come close to qualifying for a position, do not apply to the job posting. You are wasting our time and yours.

8. On your resume, list only information relevant to the position that you are seeking. Unless you are applying to college internships your high school and experience there is irrelevant. On the same note- keep your hobbies off of your professional resume.

9. If your resume is more than 1 page long, take a good look at the content. Does ALL content represent a top-notch professional candidate with no filler or fluff? If so, keep the length. If the information spilling over to the 2nd page refers to your hobbies, high school, and generic job descriptions then cut the content.

10. Organization is key! Your resume needs to be organized, and you need to continue to stay organized through the interview and on-boarding process.

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